Vector of combustion chamber
Vector of combustion chamber
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GETEC PARK.SWISS AG - formaly Infrapark Baselland AG, Muttenz

Infrapark Baselland AG, Muttenz (Switzerland)

Chemical waste incineration with 2 burners each und 1 pusher grate

Fuelschemical waste, solid and liquid (source air)
Throughput of both linessolid4.782 t/y
liquid8.712 t/y
Butan1.095 t/y
Quellenabluft1.705 t(VOC)/y
Heat valuesolid36 GJ/t
Heat valueliquid30 … 40 GJ/t
Flue gas volume flow32.000 Sm³/h dry
NOx uncleaned gas concentration200 … 1.000 mg/Sm³ dry
NOx cleaned gas concentration< 80 mg/Sm³ dry
NOx convertion rate> 85 % (guaranteed)
NH3 slip (end of boiler)< 40 mg/Sm³ dry (guaranteed)
Reduction agentammoniacal water, 25% by weight
Reduction agent consumption900 t/y
Injection mediumchangable low pressure steam or air
Injection medium consumption1.550 t/y (steam) each boiler
Boiler section3,3 m x 1,9 m
Number of injection levels1
Number of injection lances2
Type of lancedual fluid injectionlance with rotary drive
CommissioningDecember 1995
Status 12/2019
ContactDr. Christoph Gottfried
Leiter Energieversorgung
+41 (0) 61 - 264 - 54 04
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