Vector of combustion chamber
Vector of combustion chamber
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Denitrification technology that satisfies even the highest requirements

Increasing requirements placed on SNCR Denitrification makes a more flexible injection technology necessary. This technology must be able to adjust itself automatically in accordance with the changing temperature conditions of the flue gas flow.

It has to be ensured that the reduction agent is always injected within an optimum temperature range. Only then the undesired reduction agent slip can be limited to an absolute minimum.

This globally unique injection technology is well known its excellent denitrification performance with the lowest possible reduction agent slip (without additives) and up to 30% lower reduction agent consumption.

Find out more about the most efficient injection technology in SNCR Denitrification technology. Ask me or find out for yourself by taking a look at myOpens internal link in current windowreferences and ask the operators about their experiences!

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