Vector of combustion chamber
Vector of combustion chamber
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Injection technology in comparison

Classic injection technology

SNCR process: Classic design
The classic injection technology

Temperature or load-dependent injection via several injection levels

Modern injection technology

SNCR process: Technology with tangential injection
The modern injection technology

Temperature or load-dependent injection via just one injection level only

Conclusion - Advantages of tangential injection technology

  • reliable denitrification performance (up to more than 90%)
  • very low ammonia slip
  • up to 30% less reduction agent consumed
  • lower investment costs (because usually just 1 injection level necessary)
  • simple construction with little or no maintenance
  • very long service lives of the injection lances
  • flexible application possibilities
  • in addition to low-pressure steam (preferred), low-pressure air can also be used as a carrier medium
  • injection of gaseous ammoniac possible
  • because no water is required as a carrier medium, no decrease in boiler efficiency
  • higher penetration depths, better homogenisation, longer residence times
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