Grafik von Brennraum
Grafik von Brennraum
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SNCR Denitrification originates from the USA. Back in 1988, a demonstration plant was installed in Switzerland.

In 1989 the first power plant in Germany followed. As carrier medium low pressure steam was used.

In 1993 started the successful commissioning of the world's unique Opens internal link in current windowtangential injection technology in the largest waste combustion plant in Europe at that time.

NOx emission limit < 70 mg/Nm³

In 1993 the angled standard injection lances were developed and put into operation for the first time in a waste incineration plant in northern Germany in 1994.

In 1995 the first prototype of a standard injection lance with rotary drive was successfully tested in a chemical and commercial waste incineration plant.

NOx cleaned gas value < 80 mg/Nm³
Required NOx conversion rate > 85%
NH₃ slip < 40 mg/Nm³

Only at the beginning of 2012 the old prototype was replaced by the today's Opens internal link in current windowstandard model.

In 1997, the commissioning of the tangential injection technology started at the Gemeinschaftskraftwerk Schweinfurt with angled dual injection lances with new Opens internal link in current windowrotary drive. Today this technology is installed in a number of waste incineration plants in Europe, almost entirely unchanged.

Already today, these denitrification plants are capable to meet increasing emissions limit values without difficulties and with no additional effort.

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